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Fin-Est Friendship Rowing is a charity project to support various nobel causes. We wish to recognize those brave Estonian men who had the courage to fearlessly cross the gulf and go to help Finns during the war and the continuous coperation between our two nations in ensuring the safety of our region. We also think it is important to support rowing as a sport and young athletes at Pärnu Rowing Centre.

You also have an oportunity to support us on our mission! No donation is too big or small. By donating to our project you help to make a wonderful present for Estonia’s and Finland’s 100th birthday. Individual donars can make a direct donation to Pärnu Rowing Centres bank account using the description Fin-Est100. You can find the bank account number on the contract featured below.

To enterpreurs and buisness owners, we offer you the chance to promote your company within our project. The company logo that has supported us will be featured on our homepage and in all social media channels. The biggest donator’s logos will be also featured on the boat with which Taimi and Arvo are crossing the gulf. Also the logos will be featured on the on the inside of the book and DVD cover, that will be made after the project is completed. You are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding the sponsorship on the following number:

Anita Jaanson                  +372 56 774 906

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