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The past weekend was very busy for our heroes. On Saturday the sea rowing boat which will be crossing the Gulf of Finland was assembled in Tallinn Rowing Club. With instructions from coach Tatjana, the boat was adjusted to our heroes needs and for the first time a sister from Finland and a brother from Estonia sat in one boat to practice rowing. The first logo stickers of our biggest supporters were put on the boat, without whom the success of our project would be impossible.

Even though Saturday was mostly spent adjusting the boat and practicing on the water a little, Sunday saw a proper training held. Together they rowed 8 kilometers and it took them about one and a half hours to complete the distance. Both our heroes and the coach were all feeling very positive after training. Everything done this weekend has been a major step forward for the projects success. Understandably Taimi and Arvo still need time to practice and to get used to the boat and each other’s rhythm in the boat. Coach Tatjana is positive that when the time is right they will be ready.