What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is not only to cross the gulf of Finland and the 82km distance, but also to celebrate the 100th birthday of Estonia and Finland.  We wish that our charity project would represent the friendship and cooperation between Finns and Estonians. We wish that this rowing event would mirror all the transnational efforts in ensuring the safety in the whole Baltic Sea region.

Through rowing and sponsorship, our goal is also to recognize Estonian ‘Finnishboys’ and give a humble financial gift to them. It would be us honoring all those brave men who selflessly skied across the Gulf of Finland and helped Finns protect themselves in the Continuation War. Last but not least, we also support the young athletes of Pärnu Rowing Centre and coach Tatjana Jaanson who has kindly shared her experience and knowledge with us during the whole project.

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