How did this idea come about?

In 2017 Taimi’s sisters and brothers, a total of six of them in the family, came to visit her and celebrate Christmas.  With a total of 23 family members, it was impossible to fit at her place so they celebrated the holidays in Kuhmo at the Reserve Officers house. The Reserve Officers house stood exactly where Finns fought off the enemy’s attack during the Winter War. There are a lot of war time memorabilia in and outside of the house and the whole atmosphere made a big impression on Taimi and her family. The family members said many great words and wishes to honour the Finns who fought in the war. This is where Taimi and Arvo found their inspiration. A wish to do something wonderful to celebrate the 100th birthday of Estonia and Finland was born here.

Taimi ja Arvo in Reserve Officers house in Kuhmo in front of the board of fallen soliders

The specific idea to row across the Gulf of Finland came from Taimis dream where she saw herself and her brother complete this huge task. What she saw in that dream did not give peace because as time passed she felt more and more that this is a completable task. She remembered that in 2016 Tatjana Jaanson crossed the Gulf of Finland rowing from Tallinn to Helsinki in the academic single sculls sea rowing boat for her project ,,My Everest”. Taimi wasn’t going to waste any more time. She challenged her brother and together they contacted Tatjana who without hesitation offered her help to Taimi and Arvo to complete the challenge they have embarked upon.

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