Our team has successfully changed vessels and there are coach Tatjana, medical nurse Satu, Taimis colleague and a blogger for Nordic and Baltic female police network, Leena,  air and sea rescue paramedic Deniss Pervunin, Estonian PBG sea rescue service planner Marge and three other police men whose names are yet unknown to coach Tatjana on Estonian police and border guard boat.

The speed of the wind has increased to 4,2 m/s , but the waves have not grown bigger and even though the conditions are not perfect our rowers continue bravely with their journey. Their general feeling has not changed. The bodies are tired, but the mood is great and the arrival of Estonian PBG boat has given both Taimi and Arvo a boost of energy.

We remind everyone that Fin-Est Friendship Rowing is a charity project and all our fans have an opportunity to contribute for us to succeed. For more information on how to help us click HERE.

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