Our heroes have now reached the half way mark. Approximately 23 sea miles (42 kilometers) till Tallinn. So far they have been on the sea for 7 hours and 9 minutes. As expected our heroes bodies have started to get tired, but the spirit is strong and the adventure continues. Currently Estonian police and border guard boat and Finnish poliisi boat are looking for each other so coach Tatjana and medical nurse Satu can move from one vessel to another. Also the function of securing our rowers will be taken over by Estonian PBG team. The speed of the wind has continued to be stable. At some point they noticed a raise in the speed of wind up to 4,6 m/s, but it did not last long and has calmed again. According to coach Tatjana even though the wind speed has picked up, the size of the waves has not increased which is very positive for our rowers.