Arvo Ivanov

Arvo Ivanov started his career as a policeman in 1990, when he entered police academy. After successfully completing the academy he worked for a few years as a street officer and a constable. Between 1995-1996  ha was part of Lääne-Viru criminal police. In 1996 Arvo found his calling and continued serving as a police instructor.

Two years before Estonia joined European Union, Arvo was invited to join the Quick Response Service that was being created within the Security Police. His experience and skills were found very useful in teaching self protection, shooting and police tactics development. When Arvo got some more experience and knowledge, he became an instructor on controlling masses as he continues to this day. The police has to be able to solve many different tasks and situations. That is why it is wonderful that Arvo is able to do an excellent job working in the field in addition of his work as an instructor.

Arvo has always been interested in team work and his personality traits make him a perfect instructor. He keeps learning new methods, continuously adding to his skills and this is why the standards of the Quick Response Servige division keep rising.

Amongst his skills and experience you can notice Arvos helpfulness and how humane he is. Those qualities have a good affect on work environment and the team. His training is valued both in the operative centre and police unit. Arvo happily participates in practical activities with the team – this is how you can always compare theory and practices. Arvo is very respected both in the operative centre, team and the word used most to describe him is “humane”.

Being an instructor demands good physical health. Arvo is sporty and he is interested in hand to hand combat training and he has completed running marathons many times. He happily spends his free time with his family in his summer cottage or discovering the Estonian nature.

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Arvos chairman

Senior Law enforcement officer

Meelis Niinemets

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