Alar ja Liivika Ivanov

We are the Ivanov family. I am Taimis and Arvos younger brother, Alar. Liivika is my wife and we have three wonderful children. I and Liivika both have been involved with sports since childhood and our children do sports as well. I am a small buisness owner and my hobbies include swimming and roller skating with my family. I am also working as a voluntary coach and give lessons to young roller skaters in Rakvere Bont Roller Skating Club.

By Liivikas initiative we arranged first roller skating lessons in Rakvere in 2012 and with that the idea of creating a first local roller skating club was born. Today Rakvere Bont Roller Skating Club has grown into a proper sports organization. Our task at the club is to sign young skaters up for different competitions and managing the events. It has become a tradition to attend Jurmala and Berlin rollerskating competitions every year. In 2014 our family was voted the most athletic family in Lääne-Virumaa county.

Liivika is the heart of our family. She is an finance person and all of her decisions are based on analysis and calculations. Liivika values highly involvement and cooperation. Liivika audits euro projects in the inner affairs ministry as a first level overseer and by doing so she has gained a valuable experience and overview of the world of projects.

In 2017 we were in Finland with the whole family for Christmas when Taimi and Arvo came up with the Fin-Est Friendship Rowing project idea. Liivika took a photo of the moment when Taimi and Arvo shook hands and decided to embark on this new journey. Liivika holds close to her heart everything that concerns children, the youth and the elderly, because the young are our future and none of us can escape old age.

Within the project my job is to help with questions concerning transportation and the technical side. Liivika is responsible for the accounting and finance side of the project. I am very proud of my brother and sister and our family supports them in every way possible so they can fulfill this awesome project. The power is in the team and cooperation is the key to victory. Cheers Estonia and Finland!

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